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Here you’ll find a number of frequently asked questions about the services and products at ZCUBA. If you still have questions after going through the FAQ page, please get in touch with us directly.

  • Is my booking final and confirmed as soon as I place my order?
    No. We need to contact the liveboard or dive resort before confirming each booking. Most dive operators are small companies and still don’t offer direct connectivity into their booking system and sometimes even operate with off-line books, therefore we need to confirm with the dive operator after each booking request received.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    ZCUBA accept credit cards (3% transaction fees applied) and bank transfer.
  • Can I pay in my local currency?
    All charges are made in the currency of the Dive Operator. If this differs from the currency that you are using on the website, the currency and amount that will be charged is indicated on the last step of the checkout process. The currency converter is for information purposes only and should not be relied upon as accurate and real time; actual rates may vary and will be determined by your credit card processor.
  • When do I get charged for my reservation?
    Once received the payment, we will send you a confirmation email.
  • Can I cancel and get a full refund for an order that is not confirmed yet?
    Yes, of course! In addition, we also provide you with a 48-hour free cancellation period after the booking is confirmed. This allows you to take care of other travel arrangements such as flights, with the peace of mind of knowing that you can still cancel if needed.
  • Beyond that period, what is your cancellation & refund policy?"
    We apply the cancellation & refund policy of the dive operator. As such they vary from case to case. Please check with our customer support.
  • How can I make changes to my reservation?
    To request a change on a confirmed reservation, please send your request to
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