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Swim with Dugong Marsa Mubarak

Port Ghalib




/ day


The Marsa Mubarak is unique for its unspoiled natural beauty, secluded atmosphere, and abundant marine life, providing an exclusive and unforgettable snorkeling experience.  Experience the enchanting Marsa Mubarak trip, a hidden gem in the Red Sea. Embark on a captivating journey with a hotel pick-up and transportation to the marina. Board a comfortable boat and set sail to Marsa Mubarak, known for its stunning coral reefs and abundant marine life.



Price is per person which includes:

  • Full Set of Snorkel/ Dive Equipment

  • Snack & Lunch

  • Water, Coffee 7 Tea

  • Hotel Transfer within 10km radius

Snorkelling With Dugong
Snorkel Only
4-6 hours
USD $31
Diving plus Snorkelling with Dugong
Fun Dive
1 dive
USD $88
2 dives
USD $110
2 dives
USD $71
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Customer's Reviews
平均評等為 3 ,滿分 5 分, ,基於 150 票, Customer's Ratings
98% would recommend

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Ben Pang


Time Published

Hospitality at its best!! No frills LOB, the crew were exceptional and welcoming.. Komodo currents and conditions are known to be challenging… combining local knowledge and careful planning makes the trip totally at ease… Many thanks mates!!

I recommend this product.

平均評等為 3 ,滿分 5 分
Feels like home….


Time Published

Kudos to the entire team! Excellent services and friendly crews onboard!
Most importantly great diving experiences:)

I recommend this product.

平均評等為 3 ,滿分 5 分
One of the best Operator in Komodo:)
Eric K


Time Published

Good price, Well organize trip and excellent dive boat.

I recommend this product.

平均評等為 3 ,滿分 5 分
Best dive trip ever

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